Available now in Washington, Oregon, California. Nationwide in December.

Your complete solution for

earthquake preparedness

ReadyPod™ is the world's most comprehensive shelter-in-place kit. 
Handpicked gear by experts, customized to your specific needs. 
This is preparedness, made simple.

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Reassurance is just a few clicks away

You simply tell us how many people you need to protect and for how long. 
We'll take care of the rest. 

ReadyPod™ provides peace of mind

For less than the cost of your monthly household budget, you can make a one-time investment in a ReadyPod™ earthquake kit with a shelf life of 30+ years and a premium wildfire evacuation pack.

Several large ReadyPod™ trunks with telescoping handles and large wheels that make them easy to move

Comprehensive & Complete

FEMA urges all citizens to have at least two weeks of emergency supplies for situations in which there is no access to running water, groceries, electricity, and telecommunications.

Your comprehensive ReadyPod™ kit features 100+ products from dozens of brand names you trust, such as Leatherman and Seventh Generation, across a robust set of categories: water storage, food/cooking, lighting, communications, power, shelter/sleeping, safety gear, first aid, emotional well-being, and sanitation/hygiene. 

It's everything you need and nothing you don't.

ReadyPod™ earthquake kit featuring communications gear, backup power sources, and much more

Designed by Experts

Your curated ReadyPod™ shelter-in-place kit provides you with the reassurance that your loved ones will be cared for in the aftermath of an earthquake. As the New York Times reported, the two recent California quakes triggered 16,000 additional ones.

When services such as water, telecommunications, and electricity are not available, our professional Guidebook and handpicked collection of premium gear enable you to handle every aspect of life for two weeks (and beyond). 

With exacting attention to detail, ReadyPod™ has been called "the Porsche of preparedness kits."

Introducing ReadyPod™


Humans have always had to deal with devastating upheavals to their way of life, whether perpetrated by nature or by people.  The indispensable key to surviving a disaster is being prepared for it. 

I know of no better product than ReadyPod to provide peace of mind now and the ability to cope after a catastrophic event.   

Stephen Schwartz
Former U.S. Ambassador to Somalia

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ReadyPod is like an insurance policy that activates when traditional policies won't. It’s the guaranteed lifeline when all others are broken.

This is hands down the most comprehensive, usable and well-organized home preparedness solution that I’ve seen.

Steven Eberlein
TEDx Speaker
Preparedness Expert

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For the person ready to take a big step toward providing security for their family after a disaster, the ReadyPod kit offers everything one needs to survive without outside support - food, shelter, communication, entertainment - even toilet paper!

ReadyPod has thoughtfully curated the most thorough collection of disaster survival gear I've ever seen in one place. Everything is top-shelf quality. This gear is made to last!

Dr. Andrea Chymiy
Medical Doctor
Preparedness Blogger

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