Available now in Washington, Oregon, California. Nationwide in December.

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Sample media from Seattle to San Marino below...

September 2019: NBC coverage of our launch by Seattle's affiliate. Videos below, and the accompanying article here

San Marino Tribune article on ReadyPod earthquake kitsOctober 2019: Front page of the San Marino Tribune:

“As I got to know Scott and learned more about his community resilience talents and expertise, I learned that he had also built an earthquake shelter-in-place kit for his family,” Bruner said. “I also read Scott’s book, ‘Prepared Neighborhoods,’ which is a superb guide to a community-oriented approach to preparedness. When we eventually compared the disaster survival kits that we had each separately built for our families, we were surprised to discover how similar they were—in spite of our extremely different backgrounds. I had approached the challenge with a singular focus on protecting my nuclear family whereas Scott had looked at the problem from much more of a neighborhood and community perspective.” 

November 2019: Front page of Kitsap Sun (and video on website):

Kitsap Sun newspaper front page features ReadyPod earthquake kits